October 18, 2012

Thadford A. Felton co-authors book on food industry management

Thadford A. Felton recently co-authored the book “Food Industry management and Economic Development” with his father Dr. Edward Felton, Jr., a professor of Business Administration at The Mason School of business at The College of William and Mary.The Felton’s come from a long tradition of farmers and agriculturalists and have observed and experienced firsthand the challenges faced in agriculture and food industries in both the United States and abroad. They own farmland and are involved in agricultural production.  They both have lived in Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East and have traveled in Africa, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.  Their experiences, some professional and some personal, have given them exposure to a variety of public and private sector managers operating in agribusiness environments worldwide. These experiences have shaped their perspectives and views on the opportunities and challenges of managing food industries. Through management case studies, the book presents specific examples of opportunities in which private sector companies have participated in the establishment, expansion, and shaping of food industries and stimulated agricultural development. The book is published by The Intermundia Press and is available online at Amazon.com.

Mr. Felton is a partner and co-chair of the Commercial Litigation Group at Arnstein & Lehr.  As a lawyer and counselor, he has extensive experience representing clients in a broad range of business and complex commercial matters.