Attorneys of Arnstein & Lehr LLP


Eric Aaronson Eric J. Aaronson Associate West Palm Beach P: 561.650.8494 F: 561.828.6392 George Apostolides George P. Apostolides Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7102 F: 312.876.7302 Steven Appelbaum Steven M. Appelbaum Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Louis Archambault Louis P. Archambault Partner Miami P: 305.428.4510 F: 305.397.2398 Konstantinos Armiros Konstantinos Armiros Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6664 F: 312.876.6272 Joshua Atlas Joshua M. Atlas Partner West Palm Beach P: 561.650.8475 F: 561.802.1732


Bruce Balonick Bruce H. Balonick Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7123 F: 312.876.6223 Roger Bernstein Roger A. Bernstein Partner Miami P: 305.428.4506 F: 305.675.0517 Roy Bernstein Roy L. Bernstein Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7198 F: 312.876.7314 Howard Berrington Howard M. Berrington Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7880 F: 312.876.7351 Bennett Blachar Bennett R. Blachar Associate Miami P: 305.428.4512 F: 305.402.8522 Daniel Borek Daniel M. Borek Associate Chicago P: 312.876.7830 F: 312.276.4170 James Brady James C. Brady Partner Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7618 F: 954.713.7700 Charles   Brecker Charles D. Brecker Partner Miami P: 305.428.4542 F: 305.397.1574 Gary Brown Gary L. Brown Partner Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7615 F: 954.713.7715 W. Bryant W. Matthew Bryant Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6679 F: 312.876.7356 Robert Butters Robert D. Butters Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6933 F: 312.876.7333


Barry Chatz Barry A. Chatz Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6670 F: 312.876.6241 Kellie  Chen Kellie Y. Chen Associate Chicago P: 312.876.7362 F: 312.803.2249 Colleen Chinlund Colleen A. Chinlund Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7886 F: 312.876.6276 Robert Cichocki Robert T. Cichocki Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6926 F: 312.876.6226 Thomas Conley Thomas P. Conley Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7809 F: 312.876.6209 Carmen Contreras-Martinez Carmen Contreras-Martinez Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Andrea Cox Andrea Cox Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744


Steven Daniels Steven L. Daniels Partner West Palm Beach P: 561.833.9800 F: 561.655.5551 Michael Denberg Michael B. Denberg Partner Fort Lauderdale P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Nancy  DePodesta Nancy DePodesta Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7146 F: 312.876.6268 Ariel  Deray Ariel R. Deray Associate Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7621 F: 954.713.7721 Richard DeWitt, III Richard J. DeWitt, III Associate Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7652 F: 954.713.7700 Paul Diamond Paul R. Diamond Of Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.6697 F: 312.876.6247 Miguel Diaz de la Portilla Miguel Diaz de la Portilla Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Yael Doron Yael Doron Associate Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 David Dunkin David C. Dunkin Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7190 F: 312.876.7307 James Durkin James B. Durkin Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6938 F: 312.876.6224


Katie  Edwards Katie A. Edwards Special Counsel Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7650 F: 954.713.7755 Mark Enright Mark E. Enright Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7862 F: 312.876.0288 Arthur Evans Arthur H. Evans Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7141 F: 312.876.6221 William Eveland William T. "Toby" Eveland Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7804 F: 312.876.7306


Adam Fayne Adam S. Fayne Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7883 F: 312.876.6249 Kenneth  Fedinets Kenneth A. Fedinets Special Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.6657 F: 312.275.8492 Ronald Fieldstone Ronald R. Fieldstone Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Luis Flores Luis Flores Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4474 Manuel  Flores Manuel Flores Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6949 F: 312.276.8984 Sandra  Franco-Aguilera Sandra A. Franco-Aguilera Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7148 F: 312.876.6277


Eugene Geekie, Jr. Eugene J. Geekie, Jr. Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7859 F: 312.876.6235 John Gekas John C. Gekas Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7124 F: 312.876.7313 Michael Gesas Michael L. Gesas Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7125 F: 312.876.6260 Kathleen Gilligan Kathleen M. Gilligan Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7884 F: 312.876.6270 Jared Gillman Jared S. Gillman Associate West Palm Beach P: 561.650.8467 F: 561.584.6597 Megan Gohsman Megan Hart Gohsman Associate Chicago P: 312.876.6940 F: 312.876.6232 Allan Goldberg Allan Goldberg Of Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.7133 F: 312.876.6233 David Golin David A. Golin Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7805 F: 312.876.6242 Cynthia Gomez Cynthia V. Gomez Associate Miami P: 305.428.4514 F: 305.675.6121 Lawrence Grelle Lawrence E. Grelle Of Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.7100 F: 312.876.7353 Kevin Grossfeld Kevin S. Grossfeld Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Judith Grubner Judith L. Grubner Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7885 F: 312.876.6275


Karen Harris Karen K. Harris Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6675 F: 312.876.6219 Marcus Harris Marcus S. Harris Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6685 F: 312.876.6259 Lori Hartglass Lori R. Hartglass Partner Fort Lauderdale P: 305.428.4536 F: 305.716.9217 Fatima Hasan Fatima T. Hasan Associate Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7683 F: 954.713.7720 Maria Hoelle Maria Isabel Hoelle Partner Miami P: 305.428.4509 F: 305.675.2244 Joseph Hoolihan Joseph L. Hoolihan Associate Chicago P: 312.876.7130 F: 312.876.6228 Phillip Hudson, III Phillip M. Hudson, III Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Joel Hurwitz Joel M. Hurwitz Of Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.7863 F: 312.876.6271


Richard Ivans Richard B. Ivans Of Counsel Fort Lauderdale P: 305.428.4503 F: 305.374.4744


Michael Jacobson Michael A. Jacobson Associate Chicago P: 312.876.7121 F: 312.876.6278 Norman Jeddeloh Norman P. Jeddeloh Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6928 F: 312.876.7328 Patrick  Johnson Patrick J. Johnson Associate Chicago P: 312.876.7127 F: 312.876.7337


Martin Kalish, M.D Martin I. Kalish, M.D Special Counsel Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Carol Kalliche Carol Capri Kalliche Special Counsel Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7657 F: 954.713.7757 David Kaminski David P. Kaminski Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7875 F: 312.876.6287 Anthony Kang Anthony Kang Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Erik Kantz Erik L. Kantz Of Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.6671 F: 312.876.6211 Rohit Kapuria Rohit Kapuria Associate Chicago P: 312.876.6653 F: 312.876.6238 Barry Katz Barry R. Katz Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7847 F: 312.876.7342 Kiley Keefe Kiley C. Keefe Associate Chicago P: 312.876.6680 F: 312.276.4096 Alan Kipnis Alan G. Kipnis Partner Miami P: 954.713.7612 F: 954.713.7700 Douglas Kniskern Douglas Kniskern Partner Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7625 F: 954.713.7725 Randall Kulat Randall S. Kulat Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7877 F: 312.876.6284 Joseph   Kuo Joseph M. Kuo Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7151 F: 312.876.6282


Kathleen Lach Kathleen M. Lach Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6660 F: 312.876.6280 Amy Link Amy Link Partner Miami P: 305.428.4507 F: 305.675.3860 Daniel Loewenstein Daniel M. Loewenstein Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7168 F: 312.873.4106


Charles  MacKelvie Charles F. MacKelvie Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7836 F: 312.876.6213 Steven Malitz Steven N. Malitz Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7134 F: 312.876.6234 J. Manalli J. Christian Manalli Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7173 F: 312.876.6239 Laura Marinelli Laura Lau Marinelli Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7834 F: 312.876.6220 Thomas McGuire Thomas F. McGuire Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7195 F: 312.876.6295 Robert McKenzie Robert A. McKenzie Of Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.6661 F: 312.876.7303 Robert McKenzie Robert E. McKenzie Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6927 F: 312.876.7318 Ronald Menaker Ronald D. Menaker Of Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.7117 F: 312.876.6217 Mark Miller Mark Miller Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7852 F: 312.876.7352 Julian Montero Julian F. Montero Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Hal Morris Hal R. Morris General Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.7185 F: 312.876.6285 Kevin Morse Kevin H. Morse Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7122 F: 312.876.6273


Christopher Naveja Christopher S. Naveja Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7140 F: 312.876.6240 Michelle Novick Michelle G. Novick Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7899 F: 312.876.7349


Vincent  Oleszkiewicz Vincent Oleszkiewicz Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6687 F: 312.876.6212 Joe Ourth Joe Ourth Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7815 F: 312.876.6215


Hilda Piloto Hilda Piloto Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Keith Poliakoff Keith M. Poliakoff Co-Chair Government Relations and Partner Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7644 F: 954.208.8204 Eugene Pollingue, Jr. Eugene F. Pollingue, Jr. Partner West Palm Beach P: 561.650.8482 F: 561.802.8936 Michael   Pollock Michael J. Pollock Associate Chicago P: 312.876.7845 F: 312.876.6292 Alan Poppe Alan R. Poppe Partner Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7628 F: 954.713.7719 Loretta Prettyman Loretta K. Prettyman Special Counsel Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7627 F: 954.713.7727


James  Rohlfing James T. Rohlfing Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7843 F: 312.876.7301 John Ropiequet John L. Ropiequet Of Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.7814 F: 312.876.6214 Jay Rosen Jay M. Rosen Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Elinette Ruiz Elinette Ruiz Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744


Rebecca Sarelson Rebecca Abrams Sarelson Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4474 Joseph Scharnak Joseph W. Scharnak Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6651 F: 312.876.7363 Neil Schiller Neil M. Schiller Partner West Palm Beach P: 561.650.8492 F: 561.828.0487 Vanessa Seiler Vanessa Seiler Associate Chicago P: 312.876.7166 F: 312.876.7308 Jeffrey Shapiro Jeffrey B. Shapiro Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 David Shear David Shear Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 Sharilee Smentek Sharilee Kempa Smentek Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7838 F: 312.876.7338 Walter Starck Walter J. Starck Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7806 F: 312.876.7305 Kenneth Strauss Kenneth S. Strauss Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6686 F: 312.876.6299 Robert Strauss Robert Strauss Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7889 F: 312.876.6258 David  Strosnider David C. Strosnider Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7807 F: 312.876.6232 Daniel   Struck Daniel J. Struck Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7161 F: 312.876.7335 David Sugar David Sugar Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6656 F: 312.876.6230 Howard Swibel Howard J. Swibel Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7164 F: 312.876.6264


Jay Tarshis Jay P. Tarshis Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7891 F: 312.876.6291 Elizabeth Thompson Elizabeth Thompson Associate Chicago P: 312.876.7833 F: 312.876.7343 E. Tremblay E. Jason Tremblay Partner Chicago P: 312.876.6676 F: 312.876.7346 Susan Trench Susan E. Trench Partner Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.374.4744 John Turner John A. Turner Partner West Palm Beach P: 561.833.9800 F: 561.802.1733


Erik VanderWeyden Erik J. VanderWeyden Associate Chicago P: 312.876.7113 F: 312.876.7317


David Waxman David S. Waxman Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7867 F: 312.876.6267 David Wayne David S. Wayne Partner Chicago P: 312.876.7865 F: 312.876.6265 Abbigail  Webb Abbigail E. Webb Associate Miami P: 305.428.4500 F: 305.675.0871 Qian Wen Qian Wen Associate Miami P: 305.428.4513 F: 305.675.5952 Raymond Werner Raymond J. Werner Of Counsel Chicago P: 312.876.7152 F: 312.876.6252 Keith Williams Keith L. Williams Associate Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7616 F: 954.713.7756 William  Williams William A. Williams Associate Chicago P: 312.876.6695 F: 312.577.0836


David Yontz David A. Yontz Associate Chicago P: 312.876.7169 F: 312.876.6218


Paul Zelnick Paul L. Zelnick Associate Miami P: 305.428.4538 F: 305.675.3296 Franklin Zemel Franklin L. Zemel Partner Fort Lauderdale P: 954.713.7610 F: 954.713.7770