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Appellate Law Group


Arnstein & Lehr LLP has an exceptionally successful appellate practice. The firm and members of the Appellate Practice Group are recognized as preeminent appellate lawyers representing a wide variety of clients.  The appeals handled by the firm are among the most influential and significant matters to both our clients and more generally.  The Appellate Practice Group represents both parties we have represented in a lower court and where we have been retained as special appellate counsel.  Our appellate representation includes a wide array of issues.  Our appellate attorneys handle appeals dealing with all areas of the firm’s practice. The Appellate Practice Group is nationwide in scope, with attorneys licensed to practice, and regularly practicing, before the United States Supreme Court, all federal courts of appeal throughout the country, and state appellate and supreme courts in Illinois, Florida, and throughout the country.

Our Appellate Legal Services

Our appellate attorneys also consult with clients, other attorneys in the firm, and other lawyers, advising as to trial strategy, issues necessary to preserve potential appeals, and the cost effectiveness of potential appeals.  We also have extensive experience in appellate mediation of disputes, having favorably resolved numerous matters while pending on appeal. We work closely with trial counsel and clients so as to ensure cost effective appellate representation.  Our appellate practice includes the successful handling of appeals in:

  • Banking related matters
  • Employment discrimination
  • Medical malpractice
  • Consumer finance
  • Insurance coverage
  • Zoning
  • Product liability
  • Public liability
  • ERISA-related matters

For More Information, Contact the Appellate Chair

Hal Morris - Chair

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