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Property Tax Appeals Law Group

Property Tax Appeals

Click here to view the Property Tax Appeals brochure Our property tax lawyers represent property owners, tenants, management companies, community and condominium associations, and taxpayers in state and local property tax assessment appeals.  We seek to minimize our Clients’ property tax exposure on the property they own, lease, or manage to the greatest extent possible under state statute and local ordinance.  We offer extensive experience at both the local administrative level, appearing before local assessing authorities and Boards of Appeal/Review, as well as at the state tax board level or in the local Circuit/Superior Court, where our property tax attorneys have successfully litigated numerous property tax matters through complex trials and appeals.  We pride ourselves on our many years of experience and meticulous attention to detail, which has resulted in significant tax reductions and tax refunds for our clients.

Our Property Tax Appeals Services

Specifically, our services include the following:

  • Analyze the current property tax assessment to ensure accuracy and correctness;
  • Review the implied fair cash value in light of current market conditions;
  • Develop strategies for appealing the assessments, if appropriate;
  • Work with local assessment personnel and consultants/appraisers, as necessary, to reduce the assessment in conformity with typical assessment and appraisal practices;
  • Represent Clients on exemption matters;
  • Advise Clients on local incentives and state programs designed to minimize real estate taxes;
  • Counsel Clients on tax ramifications of proposed purchases or sales of real estate, and assist with the structuring of such transactions;
  • Manage our Clients’ assessments on an on-going basis to ensure continued compliance with state and local law.

The assessment and taxation process is a dynamic one which involves the complex interaction of numerous governmental officials and agencies, as well as the taxpayer and the taxpayer’s counsel. Additionally, tax appeal processes vary from state to state and among tax jurisdictions within each state. We pride ourselves on our ability to navigate this complex process on behalf of our Clients, to seamlessly blend our depth of experience with the realities of the current marketplace, and to achieve the maximum refund or tax savings for our Clients.  Our goal is to meet or exceed our Clients’ expectations, to formulate the most practical and attainable solution to a property tax challenge, and to help our Clients achieve their short term and long term objectives with respect to their property tax burden.

For More Information, Contact the Property Tax Appeals Chair

David Dunkin - Chair

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