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Shareholders' Rights Law Group

Shareholders' Rights

Attorneys in our Shareholders’ Rights Law group work to resolve shareholders’ rights disputes. In most cases, ownership of privately-owned businesses are concentrated in a small group of investors (the majority) that guide the organization’s daily operations. At times, the influence of the majority owners conflict with the interests of the minority owners. The minority remains excluded from the benefits of ownership, while the majority finds itself encumbered by the minority’s dissatisfaction. Consequently, the dispute interrupts the daily operations of the organization and ultimately poses a threat to its overall success. Our shareholders’ rights attorneys understand the multifaceted dynamics of shareholders’ rights disputes and employ their experience and expertise to resolve such cases through mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Our Shareholders’ Rights Legal Services

Specifically, we can help:

  • Assess the degree to which the majority is acting oppressively
  • Identify and crease means to address and remedy the dispute
  • Counsel the majority on ways to conduct themselves in a fairer, less oppressive manner
  • Provide cost-effective mediation, negotiation, or litigation in an effort to bring both the majority and minority to an equitable resolution
  • Counsel on reaching a settlement option that fits the client’s best interest
  • Counsel the majority and minority on means to strengthen corporate governance and operations

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